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A Bboy representing Kenya.

Hypothetically, If I was told to combine courage and believe, I would not be surprised if it gave me a Bboy. A Bboy who has been  continuously failing, learning from the art and evolving. I would not imagine how he remains humble yet absolutely stunning on the floor. I have seen him countless times raise his hand in appreciation for his opponents and then proceed to continue with the battle. when I was confronted, I thought he was too big of a star to feature on our small time blog, I considered the experience and will he brings forth way out of our league.I told myself, "Never say die" and so here we are, with a more complex solid and definite movement, I give you a talk with an outstanding breaker who with time has defied common believes and stood alone.

Reader I give you MIKEY

George Ritho

Dancepeeps: so, what are your official name?
Mikey:George Ritho
Dancepeeps:whats your stage name?
Mikey: Bboy Mikey

Dancepeeps: Why Mikey?
Mikey: I was given the name by my Neighbour since she loved Mike Tyson.

Dancepeeps:What crew do you rep? 
Mikey:Sisko Reloaded

Sisko Reloaded & including a member from Street Pokaz

Dancepeeps: What hood do you rep?
Mikey: Kangemi
Dancepeeps: Kangemi must be the home of major bboy talent, why do you thing Kangemi has so many bboys?

Check him out-Bboy Mikey

Mikey: Basically there not many Bboys like other hoods but the bboys who are active now got inspired and went #HAM on it. 

Mikey in his Character
Dancepeeps: That must be it. How did it all start?
Mikey: well we did not start as Bboys. we used to do choreos until 2007 when we started Bboy.

Dancepeeps: when was sisko formed?
Mikey: 2004

Dancepeeps: Thats like is like 11yrs ago.Sisko is trully a legendary crew.How has being part of sisko affected your growth in dance.
Mikey: I have really grown exponentially by merely being with Sisko as a crew and for that am humbled and really thank God for the opportunity.

flexible as is Mikey he has evolved to become a very solid mover.

Dancepeeps: your flow / style is smooth and full of major musicality.What inspires you?
Mikey: I have watched different kinds of footwork from different Bboys how they move the beats they hit and I liked it. 

Dancepeeps: Must have really been engaging since previously we did not have alot of style Bboys.
Mikey: It was quite hard and especially because it was quite hard to get any clip or video.

Dancepeeps: I can only Imagine. What kept you going?
Mikey: There were a lot of challenges and especially alot of people will bring you down. My crew really helped me and especially the Friday cyphers.

Dancepeeps: You guys actually had cyphers every Friday?
Mikey: Yeah! even now.
During one of the Friday cypher Sessions.

Dancepeeps: Growth has not come easy for you and you have managed to keep at it. What motivates you?
Mikey: My family, crew and friends have really been instrumental in my growth. They say nothing comes easy, I sweat, push myself to the limit so that I won't disappoint them.
Mikey and Twin sister Peris

Dancepeeps: Does it become hard at any point?
Mikey: Yeah it does. Have you ever done something then later on you ask yourself why am I doing this and yet am i the same place, getting nothing or going nowhere. You feel like giving up! but still I got Push it hoping that one day it will all pay off.

Dancepeeps: So what do hope to achieve?
Mikey: I love Winning battles, getting respect off my sweat, recognition both locally and internationally. Am hoping my skill can influence the world to be better.

Strength to be you comes from the confidence you drive for having a unique personality.

Dancepeeps: Ooh so I saw you mentor Kids.
Mikey: yeah I do, In my hood there so many kids who are idle and we thought to ourselves, we can train them instead of letting them be swallowed in the pit of Drug abuse and crime.

Mikey During a class with the Kids

I got to learn about peris and G-tau. So, apparently Mikey, G-tau and Peris are siblings, ooh yeah this must be the Bboy/bgirl Family. I took the opportunity to dig on life outside the stage and this is what Peris and G-tau had to say…

Mikey & Peris, his Twin Sister.

Dancepeeps: So I underatand that you & Mikey are twins, is that true?
Peris: Yes he is my twin brother.

Dancepeeps: Wow this is super interesting. So lets talk about mikey. how is he as a brother.

Peris: Firstly he is so loving, he likes sharing and before he shares something, he looks for me.
Dancepeeps: Ha ha ha he is a soft soul. What wld you like to tell him or do you have sth to tell him.
In all he does he shouldn't give up. Mike is so hard working and in the dance industry he will go places.

G-tau elder brother to Mikey. A calm but fierce Bboy.

Dancepeeps: Tell me about mikey as his big bro.  
 G-tau:  Mikey is my younger brother, they are twins with Peris. I love them both to death. Mikey is a loving, caring, responsible, God fearing, humble, strict as to his opinion, a good Bboy teacher and one of the best Bboys in Kenya. I look up to him as he does to me, I can't let anything happen to him, he looks out for me, he respects me alot. Mikey is always straight forward, he tells it like it is, if u good u good if u not u not. Mikey loves his crew(sisko) to death n will never stop Bboy.

Dancepeeps:  Amazing man and This is just  great. I respect the bond you guyz have but just this one.
Do you guyz battle to settle issues?

G-tau: That's two things you are asking. When it comes to issues we settle issues like any other family coz we all human beings, on the other hand battle in bboy is all about dancing, creativity, musicality, energy, flow, style n having fun. Simple.

Throw back Photo: Mikey,Peris & G-tau rocking different styles

I am humbled to have done this post because I dealt with a man whose ambitions are nothing less of ferocious. Mikey represented Kenya at the finals of breakfast Jam held in Uganda 2015, he plans to compete at #SBK2015 to be held at KCA university on 11th December 2015. 

Mikey In Uganda For Breakfast Jam 2015 In Uganda

Mikey Representing at Breakfast Jam 2015 Kenya Elimination.

Bboy Mikey representing Kenya at Breakfast Jam 2015 Kenya vs Uganda.

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  1. Respect to brother Mikey. Great post #DancePeeps. Greetings and gratitude from Uganda

  2. great talent mikey
    #dancepeeps shoutout from seattle, washington

  3. Great post.I have had the opportunity to work with Mikey and I can tell you he is great,both as a bboy and as a person.
    go go,Mikey

  4. Awesome talent.. #respect is all he deserves...

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  6. Waaaaaa respect kwako......salute