Friday, 1 May 2015



I had hoped to do this earlier for even I had posted a facebook post on this day but as project planning would have it, I was arrested by a pen and paper, not forgetting my son's excitement for play with dad. I get it, we as employees are engulfed so much in being the best at work that we sometimes forget what importance is there in coming home with the same energy that we left in. For almost an year now, I have been glued in my imagination of what this factor of production called human capital is being treated in the dance industry.


I have engaged a few professionals, talked to my colleagues and hell even engaged dancers just to get an insight on what is and is not. I will be careful because I might rub a few wounds and I do not wish that this article be the well read, mis intepretted piece on #KOT that ends up loosing its mean all the while not solving the emminent matter or issue as the local shows may call it. Yes! I play this scenarios in my head and none of them ends with the industry growing, jut a taste of unfavoured fame that ends up as that proverbial fire in the forest that fades off  never to rise again since there no more trees to burn.

Far off is the structure and the body of operation in the dance industry in kenya. sometime I wonder if whether its an industry or just a todler that is never growing up. *Careful :) * its true because we are hurting and the art everyday is stagnant, without cause and direction, because no real issues are being sorted. we have no structure, no unity of purpose and infact no standards set for the dance fraternity, so now every Tom Dick and Harry (Bboy Harry No pun intended) can get in and try a shot with all the mediorce dancing and management skills we can think off. I can't blame this rugged "wanna be" managers because they see an opportunity and take it, but I blame us, us who understand the art and are ready to die for it. we need to talk, engage and advice more on proper ways to legthen a crews life, how to choose a manager or damn even how to dress for a performance.

The industry players need to come together because our human capital is under paid, un trained and poorly managed. This song has been sang over and over and over but to no avail of change. Today is a day we celebrate our labour force and efforts but for the dance industry we hope. we hope for a future with great tidings, a future that our painful past shall curve. You are the change and if you don't grow in mind and skill we all are doomed to fail.


I encourage all of us to engage, leave your comments and suggestions on this topic below.  


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