Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I woke up upbeat because for me this year is a great year for my writing and dance growth. evidently, its also a great and very crucial day for the dance industry because it is our day. we celebrate dance today and involve new audiences in an aim to spread the knowledge in dance. I have for a while been troubled by how our ability to create has been hindered by our mind block and how  the "copy paste" mentality has deprieved us the opportunity to access our most creative and wildly daring nature in our art form. 

I refuse to give up and today I open my eyes to this new light of association and collaboration. The new path of selflessness. The official dance day message delivered by The President of the International Dance Council CID- ALKIS RAFTIS encourages free participation and inclusion of other forms of art to tell dance stories and to educate. I do not wish to pre empty this so just go ahead and read the speech.

The official message for
Dance Day
29 April 2015

    A century ago famous Russian organizer Sergei Diaghilev revolutionized ballet by inviting the most talented painters and musicians of his time to contribute to his performances. I have the impression that present day choreographers neglect the other arts, do not feel the need to present their creations alongside their equals in other fields.

   I am sure audiences would appreciate more arts included in dance performances, starting with the classical arts: painting, sculpture, theater, music, poetry, architecture, as well as more modern forms like photography, cinema, multimedia, lighting design, sound design. Let me go further in proposing to enrich choreography with the humanities (history, literature, philosophy and linguistics). Personally I would particularly enjoy storytelling, martial arts, and - I mean it very seriously - culinary arts.

    There is nothing new to it, ancient Greeks in their symposia combined all the above. After 25 centuries we could return to the idea that a complete performance combines as many arts as possible.

    This year the International Dance Council CID joins forces with a sister organization to celebrate Dance Day. The International Association of Art IAA/AIAP is a non-governmental organization whose offices are next to ours at UNESCO. Our common proposal is to combine dance with painting, drawing, sculpture or other forms of creative work in the visual arts.

    Many thanks to Ms. Rosa-Maria Burillo from Mexico, World President of IAA/AIAP, who mobilized artists from dozens of countries suggesting they cooperate with choreographers, dancers and dance teachers in common events: performances, exhibitions, happenings, flashmobs, worship meetings, therapeutic sessions and (why not?) banquets!

Alkis Raftis( researcher in the field of dance, including ethnographic research on traditional Greek dance. Also, Raftis is the president of International Dance Council at UNESCO)

                                                                   Alkis Raftis
                                      President of the International Dance Council CID
                                                                UNESCO, Paris

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