Sunday, 23 March 2014


In the center of every art there is a heART that pumps creativity, innovation and diversity and I believe the muscles are strong on technic. The need therefore is to exercise more to equal the muscles and maximize them for  growth of skill.I always thought valentine was about love but as I have come to figure it’s all about big gifts, color red and quickies. yes! Think about it. They  are engraved in sweet nothings and poetic sms. While you are so glued to it i took time to envision a perfect love this must be my love for dance.

My passion has made me crazy-crazy in love, weak, strong, a little mix of both, I have lost battles, won some and I survived because am in love. I remember the first day I met dance like it was yesterday. I was weak and vulnerable, surprisingly comfortable with the situation and mis directed. I loved the illusion that I was a dancer and I made no effort to improve my otherwise na├»ve assumptions. I therefore, for a considerably long time, did the wrong movement and my friends praised me because my faking seemed real. I wasn’t happy. Coincidentally dance wasn’t happy too. She grilled me day and night pushed me to do something to improve our then current situation. Learn the right technic, attitude, get good teachers. I felt the need too but I procrastinated on numerous opportunities and so dance was mad. She threatened to leave me if I did not try to be real with myself and I thought she just needed a reason to leave me. I would give her one, I gave up, left her before she could walk away from me.


I felt free and for a period I smiled all the way. I had a lot of time to spend with movies, class work , human friends .You would catch me on the pub getting my groove on, drinks on my tab and this made me so nocturnal. My night life was so alive probably because most of my friends were friends in the dark( I called them fun). They taught me to say yes to everything and to live without a purpose. I Exposed myself to insecurity and my health was daily regressing. My house from the ground floor was now very far away. The stair case was a constant reminder of  how weak I was becoming but fun would not let me have a moment to reason everything out. I missed a whole lot of class work in the name of rest , spent alot
of my money on medical bills and time offered no solace, no remorse. In fact time was so hard on me that I considered him my number one enemy. Always ticking, letting me suffer the consequences of my actions. Time you were so cruel and short of mercy. 

And so, as time would have it, fun left my side on claims that I was broke and I was not strong enough to keep up. Fun would check on me occasionally especially on weekends, and we would bond but I felt he was not a true friend.I boiled my anger to rebuilding myself and its true what goes around comes around because the doctor tells me my heart looks like a guy on a pike freeze...I had to start where I left my better life and so I headed to dance. She was so mad but I could tell she was ready to reconcile. Part of the deal was that I would practice each and every day to regain my health, be faithful and always keep my word. I don’t take it for granted and I have been good at it for a long time. We spend time always everyday without fail and you might think am crazy but I love dance and am glad she loves me back.


Who shares my love?

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