Thursday, 16 May 2013


The MC has the line up in his hands. All entertainment parties in a predetermined order. For the few times we've gotten the honor to perform at any event my crew has never been the trail blazer so we get to see what some of the crews have to contribute to this art which is dance. Nervousness is building up in me and someone is assuring me how it will be okay. I start to come up with backup moves just in case I forget the routine we've practiced, especially in areas where I feel are 'weak'. 


I promise myself to be perfect next time because the mental torture at the last minute is something I'd easily trade for....anything. I'm finally feeling settled and there's a flip being completed on the stage. We all shout in support of the skill. I start to think whether there's someone screaming because they fear the dancer will fall and somehow break his pelvis, both his jaws, 7 fingers, a good number of vertebrae and the floor itself. Either way, we're all appreciating his moves. In no time, we're clapping for the crew as it leaves the stage. And we're up next. By this time we're already at the backstage waiting for our name to be called. We quickly say the grace and I feel good that God is involved.LL

 We've been told to get ready as the MC reads some jokes he's just googled to stall the audience. The DJ has our music, the MC is raising his thumb to us to confirm that we're ready. (But really, he means "Be ready or just get your unpreparedness onstage")......It's time. One crew member is quickly reminding us to look at one particular person in the audience while dancing, preferably a girl, for obvious reasons. There's a small laughter from everyone at that.

The name is finally called. BOOM CREW! 


We're making our entrance to the stage and we're met by a loud cheer from a very lively audience. Or scared. Who knows? Good news is they're cheering and we're rest assured we don't look like recruits from a hobo camp. As we get into our positions, all sound fades out. I can't see a single person in the audience,not even that random girl I was supposed to find and focus on. Maybe it's because of the blinding light from spot lights directed towards the stage. I doubt that's the reason though. I'm leaving the world and I'll be back when we're done performing. My heart's beating a bit hard. I'm not that worried about blundering now. But just like every other time, I'm sure all I'll hear is the speakers doing their job.

The music starts.We start to move...

This is in the words of Stanley Kariuki, a Boom Crew member.

Stanley Kariuki AKA BBQY AYEKEI

Facebook:  Stanley Kariuki , Boom crew

Twitter: @stanl_eysays , @Boom_crew 

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