Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Teen dance crew of the year

  • Zionist          DG21
  • Altarmin      DG29
  • Detour         DG27
  • Dabs             DG16
  • Dice              DG30

Most Promising dance crew of the year

  • Unikk            DG4
  • Dafy              DG5
  • Shepherds   DG8
  • Flammers    DG10
  • Mashid         DG11
  • Diatomic      DG13
  • Miscars        DG3
  • S.O.G            DG9

                         Best groomed dance crew of the year

  • Alpachino          DG2
  • Above Limits    DG26
  • G-Cleff             DG15
  • Altarmin           DG29
  • Tsunami            DG17
  • Dabs                 DG16

Male dance crew of the year

  • Alpachino       DG2
  • Platinum         DG1
  • G-Cleff           DG15
  • Hotraxx          DG23
  • Altarmin         DG29
  • D.S.I               DG31

Female Dance crew of the year

  • Above Limits           DG26
  • Ground Breakers     DG28
  • Cheetaz6                 DG7

Nairobi Dance Crew of the year

  • D.S.I                DG31
  • Zionist             DG21
  • Platinum         DG1
  • Detour            DG27
  • Altarmin         DG29
  • Dice               DG30
  • Alpachino       DG2

Hip Hop Dance Crew of the year

  • Alpachino        DG2
  • Dabs                DG16
  • Tsunami           DG17
  • Habakkuk        DG12
  • Cheetaz6         DG7
  • Trewards         DG22

Most Creative Dance Crew of the Year

  • Flammers                     DG10
  • Loud Whispers            DG6
  • Gospel Worriors          DG14
  • Examples                     DG20
  • Shepherds                    DG8

Best Traditional Dance Crew of the Year

  • Trister              DG24
  • Exodus             DG19
  • Mystical           DG18
  • Mashid             DG11

Lingala Dance Crew of the Year

  • Dafy                  DG5
  • Trister              DG24
  • Diatomic          DG13
  • Yawa                DG25
  • Exodus            DG19

Dancehall Dance Crew of the year

  • D.S.I                 DG31
  • Zionist             DG21
  • Flammers       DG10
  • Examples        DG20
  • Tsunami          DG17

Mombasa Dance Crew of the Years

  • Dabs                 DG16
  • Exodus             DG19
  • Tsunami          DG17
  • G-Cleff             DG15
  • Mystical           DG18

Kisumu Dance Crew of the Year

  • Yawa                DG25
  • Trister              DG24
  • Hotraxx          DG23
  • Transformers   DG32

Artiste supporting dancers in video clips

DK                    DG33
Hope Kid         DG34
Kevo Yout       DG35
Ole Willy         DG36
M.O.G              DG37

Event supporting dance Crews
Back to dance                      DG38
Dunda dance festival          DG39
Battle of the dance crews  DG40
Extreme dance                   DG41
Titans ultimate Dance        DG42

The list was unveiled on Saturday night at a colourful event at NAIROBI CINEMA on Saturday 10th November 2012. SMS the code of your preferred choice to 5230 which will cost you Kshs.10/= only. We congratulate the Nominees and wish them the best.lets start voting for #Dance254.

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