Monday, 21 May 2012


If you are an event organizer then this blog is dedicated to you. Am talking to people who are organizing dance competitions and dance shows. Dance is a huge and dynamic industry and as far as many forms of art have attained professional status on how they do and run their affairs, dance has been taking a back seat on this. Don’t take me wrong, I totally acknowledge the fact that since last year there has been a big push to grow dance as an independent industry, to develop structures that ensure growth and kill mediocrity.
Dancers are artists, performers and what they do is perfected by years of training and great discipline. I have talked to choreographers, dancers and dance legends in Kenya to try and understand where the bottom line is drawn on dance competitions: I mean topics of cash prices to be won, cash to be paid, contracts to be won, judges, stage and stage management and treatment of dancers. So I want to put the responses as a note to anybody who is planning on hosting a dance competition that DANCEPEEPS is listening and keenly watching to put to shame anybody who is to swindle or attempt to misguide dancers and dance society as a whole.
So what is required to make a just, fair and entertaining dance Competition:
Bboy harry is a minister and a servant of God. Dance, to be precise is what he uses to reach out to the youth.

Your also an event organizer, tell me about that: ooh, yeah I do organize dance showcases to create, give platform and exposure to both recognized and unrecognized Dance talent.

Awesome awesome awesome and I reckon you are a choreographer and a dancer of “Shrink Dance Crew”: Yezird (yes) Kenya Best Christian Hip-hop Crew…
Ha ha ha ha you really passionate about your crew I must admit. What dance competitions have you been to: He he he you have to be passionate by the way, every positive thing you are involved in and that’s why B-boy Harry is been passionate about God, his crew and Career. Shrink has been part of Spa Fest, Malta Guinness Street Dance, sakata Dance Battle among other competition.

Yeah I get what you saying because there comes a time when you “Hit the wall” and what takes you beyond this point is the love you have vested in what you do-Definitive moment. What are the difficulties have you been facing while preparing for competitions: challenges are so many not even in the competition itself. Major challenges in many crews are of financial status, dance facilities, ziko mob (they are many)… Texting ain (isn’t) enough.

Yeah and as past competitions have been, I get that there some competitions that don’t pay up on the cash prices to the winners. What’s your take on this: In order for crews not to break or collapse and to help them stay focused, the competition should adapt the moral of appreciating the participants with certificates and give a ways ata kama hawapeani cash (even if they are not awarding cash prices) there is a lot of ways of appreciating.

Damn that’s true especially because by attending this competition then they are building experience and can also be used to profile dancers and dance crews. Yeah true. Judges is a thorny issue among many dancers. Describe an ideal judge for a dance competition: A judge has to know what is dance, has to be a mentor of dance, has to know genre of dance, keen, discreet, open minded above all has to know how to dance.

So what you finished by saying is that a judge MUST be a great dancer if it if not a perfect one: You can’t hunt what you cant kill. you know what I mean!? He he he.

In total agreement, you recommend a well a well vast dancer who has the skill and technique and in whose practical expertise can be able to judge. Do we have a such in Kenya: Yes we do,I wont mention names but wako, tena kwa wingi! (there many).

Yeah we wouldn’t want to appear biased Right? Cool cool. let’s talk emcees: He he emcees’ is another hard and harsh topic, would prefer not to talk about at the moment.

So just to be clear the air, is a dance Emcee different from any other emcees: Yeah they differ. Difference is dance.

As an event organizer who has had success in organizing consistent event “Dance Unplugged” what are some of the challenges you face in achieving the best of your vision in a dance event: First of all, I thank God for the success because without the challenges you won’t produce fruits at the end. Challenge ni mob (are many) starting from financial limitations, you need a stable job in order to know how you can budget on financing your event, getting sponsors has been a tough hustle too since they are looking for established, up and running events, getting committed team with the same zeal and passion is challenging #JustToMentionButAFew.

That’s deep because passion is key and doing it for a good cause is irreplaceable. What would you love to tell dancers in Kenya: First dedicate your talent to God, let Him be your source of inspiration and He will amplify your passion and owez (always) drive you towards your dreams. Realize that you are unique and in like manner God loves you, so be humble decrease so that He can increase JOHN 3:30.

That’s Powerful and wise. What advice would you give event organizers in order to grow the quality of their dance events: To all organizers especially dance organizers, event follow ups matters a lot even if your event was a flop. Also don’t be afraid to challenge yourself like I did with “Back To Dance”. The biggest risk was organizing an event in the same day as a renowned Award show, I challenged myself and Through God it went down successfully.

I can attest to that and I appreciate for making time to do this interview on such short notice. Final Thoughts: I just want to thank my crew “shrink” , Dj joelz, Collo, Kev, Deco, Fay and not forgetting a special girl Lucy Lee for the tight love and support they have shown and given me, thus my friends, all the dance crews and my precious family. Above all I thank Jesus for everything and everyone. Lastly if you not SWAG please SWAG UP, I mean Saved with amazing grace #SWAG# and leave a stress free and happy life. You welcome maen (men).

Its clear standards have to be raised and I set out to interview a dancer,choreographer and a disciplined student next on DANCE EVENTS 102.


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